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Translation: Thousand Leaves - Last Serenade (Part1)

This is translation of Thousand Leaves song Last Serenade (Part1) from album END OF ENDLESS NIGHTS.

Last Serenade (Part1)

The person damages the person of unconsciousness.

If nothing is rather felt, it is easy.

Don't interfere.


The ability to read the mind is unnecessary.

The third eyes that I don' t have value either.

Don't roll it.


誰も信じない この世の全ても


dare mo shinjinai konoyo no subete mo

kanjō mo ishi mo subete o sutesare

Never once have I enjoyed the luxury of trust

The concept of emotion and purpose are no longer part of me!


It falls in love, it falls in love, and it dies by intention.

I stopped damaging because I did so.

What is bad?


誰も愛せない この世の果てまで


dare mo aisenai konoyonohatemade

konton to shita kono sekai o satori kanjō mo ishi mo subete o sutesare

Never once have I enjoyed the feeling of love

This distorted world, I've seen it all, and things like emotion and purpose, I've already left them behind!


The third eye!!


閉ざされたこの心を 解かしてくれるのは オマエか?

いつまでも待ち続ける この場所でずっと オマエを・・・

tozasareta kono kokoro o toka shite kureru no wa omae ka

itsu made mo machi tsudzukeru kono basho de zutto omae o

The one who's going to open my eye, to thaw my mind from its eternal winter, is it you?

Here will be where I remain for eternity, waiting for someone, waiting for you...