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mastervalidate data to be valid utf8 in catRandomChars4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-15validate data to be valid utf8 in catHEADmasterRandomChars
2022-01-15fix commentRandomChars
2022-01-15fix photo downloadingRandomChars
2022-01-14return photo and filename in attachment methodRandomChars
2022-01-14map attachment method to luaRandomChars
2022-01-14attachment download wrapperRandomChars
2022-01-14delete setup file since that is now covered in proper documentation, move lua...RandomChars
2022-01-12map upload to lua contextRandomChars
2022-01-11set revoke field in delete, map send and delete method to luaRandomChars
2022-01-11implement shutdown command, move wrapper methods to its own file, implement m...RandomChars