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2021-11-20configurable use of different backend implementationsRandomChars
2021-11-20v2 package, rewrite filesystem store backend, declare Store interface and fix...RandomChars
2021-10-29move some stuff around, disassociate child/parent on image destructionv1.4.5RandomChars
2021-10-12check parent snowflake equals to selfv1.4.1RandomChars
2021-06-25clean initialisation stuff, source URL for images, split store fileRandomChars
2021-06-22reload on single user mode change, correct some unexpected behaviour and fix ...RandomChars
2021-06-13fix image listing, image get function that returns metadata only, some JSON APIsRandomChars
2021-06-11get rid of reload on cleanupRandomChars
2021-06-11other stuff, web server works nowRandomChars
2021-06-11get rid of the early init stuff, implement restart and cleanup and better con...RandomChars
2021-06-11configuration and web server stuffRandomChars
2021-06-10basic init stuffsRandomChars