AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-16correct image tag pathsRandomChars
2021-07-15snowflake instead of hash in ImageTagsPathRandomChars
2021-07-13pass hash instead of snowflake when creating image directoryRandomChars
2021-07-09switch to snowflakes in tags, use pages for tagsRandomChars
2021-07-07page system (mostly) rewriteRandomChars
2021-07-06lock store after opening, implement windows-specific restart functionRandomChars
2021-07-02only allow privileged user to directly list all snowflakesRandomChars
2021-06-30remove an unnecessary read lockRandomChars
2021-06-30prevent a dead lock situation in reading pageRandomChars
2021-06-29some reading lock stuff and a missed write lockRandomChars
2021-06-29copy page slice when iteratingRandomChars
2021-06-29compensate for shifting in page slice in GCRandomChars
2021-06-28page GCRandomChars
2021-06-28not really under 1000 lines now D:RandomChars
2021-06-28fix getLock locking, optimise PageInsert callRandomChars
2021-06-28improve lockingRandomChars
2021-06-27update assets submoduleRandomChars
2021-06-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'RandomChars
2021-06-27lock when writing, /api/image no longer available publicly, paging implementa...RandomChars
2021-06-26update assets submoduleRandomChars
2021-06-26replace all panic log entries with fatal to be more readableRandomChars
2021-06-26proper resizingRandomChars
2021-06-26image preview mechanism with placeholder compressionRandomChars
2021-06-25clean initialisation stuff, source URL for images, split store fileRandomChars
2021-06-24add new moduleRandomChars
2021-06-24remove old moduleRandomChars
2021-06-24add assets as git submoduleRandomChars
2021-06-23API get self userRandomChars
2021-06-22reload on single user mode change, correct some unexpected behaviour and fix ...RandomChars
2021-06-22inform user of single user mode, improve some log messagesRandomChars
2021-06-22more logging, single user implementationRandomChars
2021-06-22implement single user modeRandomChars
2021-06-21more loggingRandomChars
2021-06-21fix system info API returnRandomChars
2021-06-21all user and secret stuff and API endpoints to them, new default store pathRandomChars
2021-06-20readme fileRandomChars
2021-06-20implement snowflake supportRandomChars
2021-06-19remove indirect on fsnotifyRandomChars
2021-06-19do not exit after creating default configurationRandomChars
2021-06-19add tag type groupRandomChars
2021-06-19fix tag type checkRandomChars
2021-06-19remove tag metadata when destroying tagRandomChars
2021-06-19get rid of the lockingRandomChars
2021-06-19fix some problems in the store functionsRandomChars
2021-06-17fix tag regexRandomChars
2021-06-17static web serverRandomChars
2021-06-16remove danbooru license as I will not be using their templatesRandomChars
2021-06-13fix submit buttonRandomChars
2021-06-13/api return store informationRandomChars