AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-08various security improvements, support for parent field on store.Imagev1.2.0RandomChars
2021-09-07update submoduleRandomChars
2021-09-07fancier readmeRandomChars
2021-09-06allow clearing secret in clientv1.1.1RandomChars
2021-09-04remove dead blog post from README.mdRandomChars
2021-09-02private modev1.1.0RandomChars
2021-09-01bump v1v1.0.0RandomChars
2021-09-01pass by reference in Remote.HandshakeRandomChars
2021-08-31initial implementation of API wrapperv0.8.8RandomChars
2021-08-31more complete image updateRandomChars
2021-08-26some sanity checking on password set, switch to UserSecretPayload in places n...v0.8.7RandomChars
2021-08-22name regex minimum lengthRandomChars
2021-08-22more consistent user addRandomChars
2021-08-21fix typov0.8.6RandomChars
2021-08-20move image pages under /imagev0.8.5RandomChars
2021-08-20correct operator usagev0.8.4RandomChars
2021-08-20rewrite some comments to be more descriptive, organize all API types and path...v0.8.3RandomChars
2021-08-19yet another workaround for go getv0.8.2RandomChars
2021-08-19bump to overwrite bad previous tagv0.8.1RandomChars
2021-08-18fix pathsv0.7.6RandomChars
2021-08-18add gitkeep to address go get issuev0.7.5RandomChars
2021-08-18readd submoduleRandomChars
2021-08-18remove submoduleRandomChars
2021-08-16everything in API updated to use snowflake instead of hash, implement multi-t...v0.7.4RandomChars
2021-08-06Merge branch 'master' of
2021-08-06update assets submoduleRandomChars
2021-08-04image file get via snowflake, check if file not exist in snowflake lookupv0.7.2RandomChars
2021-08-01not append to allocated slice in page image fetchv0.7.1RandomChars
2021-07-30remove leftover from testingRandomChars
2021-07-30new page implementation, cleaner crashesv0.7.0RandomChars
2021-07-26yet another change of the module nameRandomChars
2021-07-25unique usernames, username lookup, password authRandomChars
2021-07-16correct image tag pathsRandomChars
2021-07-15snowflake instead of hash in ImageTagsPathRandomChars
2021-07-13pass hash instead of snowflake when creating image directoryRandomChars
2021-07-09switch to snowflakes in tags, use pages for tagsRandomChars
2021-07-07page system (mostly) rewriteRandomChars
2021-07-06lock store after opening, implement windows-specific restart functionRandomChars
2021-07-02only allow privileged user to directly list all snowflakesRandomChars
2021-06-30remove an unnecessary read lockRandomChars
2021-06-30prevent a dead lock situation in reading pageRandomChars
2021-06-29some reading lock stuff and a missed write lockRandomChars
2021-06-29copy page slice when iteratingRandomChars
2021-06-29compensate for shifting in page slice in GCRandomChars
2021-06-28page GCRandomChars
2021-06-28not really under 1000 lines now D:RandomChars
2021-06-28fix getLock locking, optimise PageInsert callRandomChars
2021-06-28improve lockingRandomChars
2021-06-27update assets submoduleRandomChars
2021-06-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'RandomChars