AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-15fix teardown order, fix logging of undecoded items, use environment variable ...HEADmasterRandomChars
2021-11-23return error properly after reading metadata, add TrustedProxies as a configu...RandomChars
2021-11-23less bonkers text in web server panic recover routineRandomChars
2021-11-23check error properly in mustGetUser, fix pathsRandomChars
2021-11-20configurable use of different backend implementationsRandomChars
2021-11-20remove store_test.goRandomChars
2021-11-20use print instead of printfRandomChars
2021-11-20v2 package, rewrite filesystem store backend, declare Store interface and fix...RandomChars
2021-10-29move some stuff around, disassociate child/parent on image destructionv1.4.5RandomChars
2021-10-17not call pageDB during creation, check for zero when reducing total countv1.4.4RandomChars
2021-10-16safe concurrent access and (transparent) creation of page DBsv1.4.3RandomChars
2021-10-13implement proper parent unsetting, reject setting parent when already groupedv1.4.2RandomChars
2021-10-12check parent snowflake equals to selfv1.4.1RandomChars
2021-10-09export MakePreviewv1.4.0RandomChars
2021-10-06set user privileged through APIv1.3.10RandomChars
2021-10-05export constants for snowflake node IDs, fix snowflake node creation error ha...v1.3.9RandomChars
2021-10-04update readme, unmarshal errors properlyv1.3.8RandomChars
2021-10-04fix problem where first entry is not displayed in pagev1.3.7RandomChars
2021-10-03add method to set page total count without destroying, use that method for pa...v1.3.6RandomChars
2021-10-03fix error returns on API, fix form file uploadv1.3.5RandomChars
2021-10-03potential fix of multipart form submitRandomChars
2021-10-03improve loggingv1.3.4RandomChars
2021-10-03functions for the methods that shouldn't have been methods, move deprecated m...RandomChars
2021-10-02easier check of tag type validityv1.3.3RandomChars
2021-10-02functions for the methods that shouldn't have been methodsv1.3.2RandomChars
2021-09-30remove exports thing in js generationv1.3.1RandomChars
2021-09-30export page sizev1.3.0RandomChars
2021-09-28move source URL matching to setv1.2.9RandomChars
2021-09-28check for existing tag when taggingv1.2.8RandomChars
2021-09-28correct URL matchingv1.2.7RandomChars
2021-09-24update submoduleRandomChars
2021-09-24redirect when no routev1.2.6RandomChars
2021-09-23move locking of tag after fetching tag infov1.2.5RandomChars
2021-09-14better error logging, fix parent field checking in image updatev1.2.4RandomChars
2021-09-11update assets submoduleRandomChars
2021-09-11rename tag constants, remove unused tag typev1.2.3RandomChars
2021-09-09add dependency that only shows up when building for linux for some reasonRandomChars
2021-09-09global set thingRandomChars
2021-09-09gopherjs code generatorRandomChars
2021-09-09implement image group fetching in clientv1.2.2RandomChars
2021-09-09record child for grouped images, correct logging in ImageUpdateRandomChars
2021-09-08client to update parentv1.2.1RandomChars
2021-09-08various security improvements, support for parent field on store.Imagev1.2.0RandomChars
2021-09-07update submoduleRandomChars
2021-09-07fancier readmeRandomChars
2021-09-06allow clearing secret in clientv1.1.1RandomChars
2021-09-04remove dead blog post from README.mdRandomChars
2021-09-02private modev1.1.0RandomChars
2021-09-01bump v1v1.0.0RandomChars
2021-09-01pass by reference in Remote.HandshakeRandomChars