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2021-10-14bump image board dependency, deferred loading with options of firing ↵HEADmasterRandomChars
callbacks at content set or immediately, lock image cache for concurrent access, time image fetching in fetch method, get image by flake with graphical must-fetch error handling, return ungrouped images without fetching from remote, do grouping locally when making gallery view, fetch gallery images concurrently deferred, disable grouping im tag search result views, fetch full image, tags and owner deferred concurrently in image view, fetch group and its previews concurrently on demand in image view, use metadata information setting group forward/backwards buttons
2021-10-10substring search auto completeRandomChars
2021-10-09generate previews locally if full image is availableRandomChars
2021-10-06(hopefully) packed icon properlyRandomChars
2021-10-06bump dependency, organise stuff better a little, implement registration UI, ↵RandomChars
move user information UI into dialogs, user edit, copy snowflake to clipboard on click, lookup by snowflake/username
2021-10-04bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-10-04support native dialogs, tag nfdRandomChars
2021-10-04add go.sum entryRandomChars
2021-10-04add dependencyRandomChars
2021-10-03bump dependency, implement image uploading, add newly created tag to sliceRandomChars
2021-10-03bump dependency, privileged check, tag edit delete, tag display single tag ↵RandomChars
type, move search forward
2021-10-02bump dependency, tag creation GUIRandomChars
2021-09-30implement tag searchingRandomChars
2021-09-28bump image board, implement configuration dialog with commentary/translation ↵RandomChars
2021-09-28bump image board, reimplement image caching, dump cache when reconnecting, ↵RandomChars
display more metadata
2021-09-23bump image board version, improve tag displayRandomChars
2021-09-23bump image board version, use dialogs, implement more stuff in image view, ↵RandomChars
implement link widget, add icons
2021-09-09bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-09-08bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-09-07tidy up the main menu thing, implement authentication dialoguesRandomChars
2021-09-04gallery view with some sort of caching mechanismRandomChars
2021-09-01experimental thingsRandomChars