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2021-10-14bump image board dependency, deferred loading with options of firing callback...HEADmasterRandomChars
2021-10-10substring search auto completeRandomChars
2021-10-09generate previews locally if full image is availableRandomChars
2021-10-06(hopefully) packed icon properlyRandomChars
2021-10-06bump dependency, organise stuff better a little, implement registration UI, m...RandomChars
2021-10-04bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-10-04support native dialogs, tag nfdRandomChars
2021-10-04add go.sum entryRandomChars
2021-10-04add dependencyRandomChars
2021-10-03bump dependency, implement image uploading, add newly created tag to sliceRandomChars
2021-10-03bump dependency, privileged check, tag edit delete, tag display single tag ty...RandomChars
2021-10-02bump dependency, tag creation GUIRandomChars
2021-09-30implement tag searchingRandomChars
2021-09-28bump image board, implement configuration dialog with commentary/translation ...RandomChars
2021-09-28bump image board, reimplement image caching, dump cache when reconnecting, di...RandomChars
2021-09-23bump image board version, improve tag displayRandomChars
2021-09-23bump image board version, use dialogs, implement more stuff in image view, im...RandomChars
2021-09-09bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-09-08bump dependencyRandomChars
2021-09-07tidy up the main menu thing, implement authentication dialoguesRandomChars
2021-09-04gallery view with some sort of caching mechanismRandomChars
2021-09-01experimental thingsRandomChars