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Nitori Devlog v1.4.7

Character guessing, shipping thingy and more…

Touhou image fetcher

I’ve fixed a few weird entries carried over from the old stuff, not sure why they’re there, probably some weird reference I don’t understand or something? Also fixed a bug in the fetcher where it panics when there’s 1 or less entries, should have been more careful.

Character guessing

Well that’s a thing now, basically based on touhou image fetcher but randomised characters and it uses an event handler to write into a channel about the messages and match search string or friendly name, it’s not that fancy but it works so that’s that.

User lookup

Times are now all UTC and formatted.


Calculate a number from two user’s snowflake thing, (user1 xor user2) mod 101.

Minor bug fixes

It’s been too much recently and I forgot so that’s that, bug fixes exist but you probably need to dig them out of the commits.