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Nitori Devlog v1.3.0

Touhou image fetcher, extension system and more…

Touhou image fetcher

Nitori can now fetch images of a specific touhou character from an imageboard, and also weird tags have been blacklisted.

Restart mechanism

Restart mechanism that exec the executable file, if that’s not found a hardcoded default path will be looked for(this is changed in v1.3.1).

Command route registration

Removed the redundant Register receiver of CommandCategory types and now Route registration is done by one function.

Extension system

There’s now a proof of concept extension system using Starlark language, there’s currently only one built-in function for sending messages, will be working on it in a future version.

Initialisation fix

The web server was not properly initialised because the routine starts up too late, instead I made the Discord initialisation process spawn a routine that writes into that channel in an infinite loop.