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Nitori Devlog v0.3.0

Makefile fixes, argument parsing and other stuff…


Added a half working page but I’m really terrible with web development, I need someone to do this for me… Also the fetch function is now in a separate file.

Build System

Not sure what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it, but the Makefile packages static assets after compiling when running after build which causes assets to not update, got that fixed this time. Also, version information and working tree state are now included during build.

Argument Parsing

Moved argument parser into the config package and also imported it in main, oh and also fixed a few things that caused Nitori to check for config file late and crashing.

Signal Handler

Remove the handling of two signals (SIGUSR1 and SIGUSR2) since they are no longer used.


Fix some things in readme, tho still need to write a proper one soon…


IPC dependency removed, also shell prompt related dependencies removed.


GitLab CI now properly caches go dependencies.